This Terms of Service agreement is a legal agreement between you and Romajimono

By completing the registration process or or ordering “as guest” you agree that, you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms of Service, you are of legal age to form a binding contract, you have the authority to enter into the Terms of Service personally and/or on behalf of your company.

1. Ordering

A guest selects the products on Romajimono website that places the order to the restaurant after the payment option has been completed. Orders are accepted until 30 min before closing time.


You are not permitted to order alcohol if you are under the legal age of 18.

2. Payment options

Payment can be done with the following options:


With credit/debit cards supported by NETS A/S ecommerce payment system - Netaxept. Nets undertakes that Netaxept complies with the security requirements applicable at any given time with regard to payment systems, currently PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard).

Direct orders are charged at the time of order placement, and for future orders (selected time/date) the amount is reserved on the card until the time when the order preparation starts and the card will be charged.

No card data is stored in the branded website provided by Future Ordering. For more information, see General terms and conditions for the use of the Netaxept service.


Invoice is available for users connected to companies that have closed a separate agreement with Romajimono


The user can choose to pay when the order is collected. In this case the order will remain open at Romajimono until payment is completed. Credit/debit card and cash is accepted at Romajimono

Romajimono reserves the right to contact and charge a user for an order that has been ordered using the option “pay at pickup” but not collected and paid the order.

3. Price and VAT

4. Transaction fees

5. Order confirmation and receipt

When Future Ordering has received payment confirmation from NETS A/S on behalf of Romajimono an email receipt will be sent to the guest’s registered email.

If payment is done at pickup an order confirmation receipt will be provided by Romajimono at the time of collection.

6. Termination

We reserve the right to at any time terminate user accounts or orders that breach the terms of this Terms of Service or in other ways acts in bad faith. Suspension to use the website can be carried out with or without notice to you.